Combat Stress Update

We had a whip round in February 2017 to donate a brand new Garrett Ace 250 to the charity Combat Stress for veterans.
It was very gratefully received. When I spoke to them I was told in fact 6 detectors were given by various clubs around the country. Well done to all.




Lost ring… found!

After a request for help on Facebook, one of our club members went to aid Nicola from Chilcompton in the search for her late husbands wedding ring.

Nicola thought the ring was lost for good but thanks to club member Mick’s perseverance it was a successful recovery and a tearful reunion.

 …a real gentleman, I thought it was lost for good, if it was my ring it wouldn’t have been so bad but where it was my late husbands I was gutted and when I heard that he had found it I couldn’t help but cry.

Well done Micko for a job well done!



Combat Stress

Donation of a metal detector to ‘Combat Stress’ Veterans charity.

“Hi Marcadia and the Wessex Searchers. Thank you so much for your generosity I really cant believe there are so many people willing to help veterans like myself. I am totaly flabbergasted!!! I am going to have a word with the fund raiser at Hollybush house and see about getting an article printed in the Combat stress magazine and the web site showing the kindness and generosity of this forum and Wessex Searchers and by doing that there will be a lot of veterans up and down the country who will read this and quite possibly take up this amazing hobby and also show gratitude for all the help and support we have recived from you guys its really helped me with my treatment here.

Kind regards,

John. T and the veterans of Combat Stress Hollybush House”

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