About Us

Who are we?

The Wessex Searchers MDC are a small, friendly group of metal detectorists detecting the ancient region of Wessex in the South of England. As responsible metal detectorists our members are all either NCMD or FiD members and covered by the relevant insurance.

Come rain or shine our dedicated group brave the elements and ground conditions to search and record the history beneath our feet. The club is run by the members, for the members, with everyone having a positive impact on the group.


What do we do?

We hold club dig days (usually held on weekends) to enjoy the hobby, socialising with others and getting out and about in the fresh air, hopefully making the odd special find along the way. Where possible, money is raised for the benefit of local charities, helping the local community.

Our members regularly help the public recover lost items, anything from small jewellery items to farm machinery parts. As such we offer a free recovery service to re-unite people with their lost metallic items. As long as permission is obtained from the landowner we can help.

We’re always looking for new places to hold dig days to help support the local community so if you have some land available then why not invite us along for a day to help out your special cause.


Why ‘Wessex’?
Wessex is the old Anglo-Saxon name for parts of the south of England, where all our members are based.

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